Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Saturday sucked. How was yours?

It was a Saturday I won't recall fondly. I should say that it could be worse. No one died. No one was arrested. No one lost a testicle. I did get to drink some beer.

Maybe I should say it wasn't a happy Saturday.

Technically it started ok. That is if I would say that the end of Friday night-wee hours of Saturday morning- is the beginning of the day. If I went according to the clock, then it ain't so bad as I made some money playing drunk SnGs.

But if I use the life definition- getting out of bed- then it mostly sucked.

It started around 5 in the morning. I woke up with a nasty cramp in my right calf. Hurt like a mother! I tried to stretch it out but that wasn't working. I then began to swing my legs out of bed so I could walk it off. In the process, all the covers went with my legs tangling things up. I got out and walked around the house, relieving the pain of the cramp. It took a couple of laps to get back to bed without the cramp coming with me but I would soon get to sleep again.

Around 8 I decided the cat was right and it was time to start the day. I have always kept my glasses on the floor beside my bed. I once kept them on the table next to the alarm clock but always knocked them away when hitting the snooze. Over the last 20 years, I had never stepped on them. Until last night. In my stumbling half boozed up, half cramped up self, I guess I Frankensteined right over them, as the frame was all bent out of whack and the right lens was popped out. Fuck!

I spend a half hour bending and twisting and trying to pop the lens back in. It was a hopeless cause. Damn lens will not stay in. So I put my contacts in, got a pair of old glasses (they look and feel like ski goggles compared to what I have had.

I get on with the day. Notice a payment on my poker blog was rejected. Try to get an answer and don't. Do part of my taxes and watch any refund shrink away as I cannot find some receipts for repairs I had done last year. I get trapped under a sleeping cat and lay on the couch for an hour or two just so he can get his nap on. I donk out of a poker tournament in 10 minutes when my K K promptly flops an A and my opponent's A 2 is good even though he called a huge raise preflop like a moron.

I figured I could escape the BS of the day by going to the bar to watch some Badger hockey. Got the cat off of me and took a shower. I was heading out the door, ready to get my drink on when I heard some water running down in the basement. That ain't right.

I found the source quickly. My water heater. Got a flash light and saw that yes, it was leaking. Turned the water off, cussed up a storm, and left. The water heater is probably 15 years or more old so it was due I guess. Still, couldn't it have waited? Now I get to spend some cash to get that replaced.

I then drove to the bar. I was still determined to not let this crap affect me. But I guess I just could let it go. I was beginning to wonder if this year would be like last year when the furncace went out, followed by some plumbing issues and other stuff. I spent too much getting things repaired last year and didn't want to go through that again. When I saw the street crowded with vehicles and a lot full of cars, I was quickly deflated. I wasn't in the mood to deal with some party going on in the bar. That would usually mean 10xs the amount of smoke in the place, along with the kind of person who goes into a bar twice a year. So I hit the liquor store instead, got a 6 pack of Leinenkugels and went home.

The Badgers won. I only drank 5 bottles. With the weight of the day still on me, I guess I wasn't in the mood to get drunk. Even went to bed early.

Maybe the new day would be much better.

Uh...not yet. The supposed dusting of snow we were to get looks more like an inch or so. Lucky me! I get to shovel snow!

Fuckin weather people!

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