Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well...what about the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup?

So Pat Robertson spoke with the big guy upstairs and made some predictions. What a load of crap!

If you have some time to spend with God and He tells you what is going to happen during they year, aren't you prodding for more, useful information.

Seriously. I would be asking about the Super Bowl. Please Lord, give me the winner! If not, then how about the Stanley Cup. I can be on a plane in an hour, in Vegas within 5 and have the bet placed. Hey, it is not like I am asking for the final in each game of the World Series.

If Robertson had talked to God, he should have gotten a couple good stock tips too. That way he can lay off of his ministry and begging for cash. Give them a break. Take the money they have in the bank, invest it over the companies God says to buy. With all the money they make, they would have even more to give to their charities.

No, instead Robertson wastes the opportunity to focus on "mass killings" and other disasters. Man, what a buzzkill!

God, StB about skipping Pat next year and give me a call. A couple extra bucks made in the sportsbooks can go a long way to making the world a better place.

Whataya say? In for half?

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