Thursday, January 04, 2007

On the spot

It is one of those little things in life that I dread. Though it won't change the universe, it can cause a moment of panic. Because you have to do it every couple of months, it makes it much more annoying.

Kinda like getting a haircut, which I probably should be doing soon.

No, this one is even worse because of the number of places that it may affect.

I got that little message on my pc two days ago saying my password would expire in 3 days. 3 days! The pressure was on. I had to come up with something within the next 3 days that I could remember and wouldn't clash with the 5 other passwords I need to remember at work.

It wouldn't be so bad if all of these passwords would expire at the same time. But they don't. That is IT's way of screwing you on a daily basis. They make you create different passwords at different times just to fuck you up. They tell you not to write them down so they can play Superman and rescue you in your time of need. Furthermore, they force you to put in characters and numbers and capitalize something to make them harder to remember crack. Bastards!

Now I have just one more day to think up a new password. I like my current password. Beer4me!. See, that I can remember. I live for that. I also liked the password before this one. Bash2006! Before that I believe it was Beer1!.

I think I will have to just add on to my current password. I wonder how far I can take it. How many times can I mutate Beer4me!? Will I be able to go up the line? Maybe 2Beer4me!, then 3Beer4me!, etc.

Maybe I should change it to ITbitesthebig1! Then I would forget my password on purpose and call the help desk. That would be a fun conversation.

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