Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am just about done doing my taxes. Yep, while most people haven't even looked at their papers, I am close to being finished. Like last year, I didn't do my taxes while drinking two years ago. And I still haven't found a way to claim a Maker's Mark worker or any employees at Miller Brewing as a dependent.


I think the reason I have my taxes done so early is that I view it as a game. And I blame Turbo Tax for it. They have that REFUND box on the top left that updates as you plug in the numbers. You can watch it go up or down depending on whether you entering a deduction or income. Don't like the number going into the negative- meaning you owe the IRS? Play around and watch it go back up. To me, it shows areas I can possibly improve next year to make sure I am not paying the government too much.

Though I am just about finished, I do have a couple areas to complete and will have to review it all. I went through part of the income section first, then blasted through deductions and miscellaneous stuff. I managed to get the refund pretty big, but after I started entering investment results, it began to shrink. Now I will be lucky if I get something back after all.

Yep, we don't like having to do our taxes but things could be worse. Check out the video on Wicked Chops Poker showing some guy get KO'd by a chick. What a moron! Got exactly what he deserved. Best part is his friends have no sympathy for him.

Super Bowl weekend is just about upon us. I have my money on the Colts. I am confident they will not only cover but may make it a blowout. Most Super Bowls are not close and this one has the makings for an ugly one. Not sure where I will view the game. Big Mommas is the most likely spot, though if any friends call for a bash I can easily be swayed. With next Monday off, I can booze it up all night. And no, I won't feel sorry for the dentist on Tuesday.

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