Thursday, February 15, 2007

Think Summer(fest)

Only a degree outside as I drove to work. One measly degree. After shoveling some more after work yesterday and diving into a bottle of brandy last night, I decided to stop talking about the cold weather for now.

Instead, I am thinking of summer. More accurately, Summerfest.

Even before the announcement today of Roger Waters playing on July 2, I found myself searching for any bands that have been booked for the Big Gig.

You can see Foreigner on July 3 and Asia on July 4. Wait, make that Asia featuring all four original members. That is how it is listed on Pollstar.

Like that makes a difference? Does someone actually think "You know who I would like to see? Asia! But if the original guys aren't in the band, screw it. It just ain't the same."

Another thing I noticed was that Rick Springfield is booked for 5 straight nights at the local bingo hall. 5 straight nights! WTF? Is Milwaukee home to the biggest Rick Springfield contingent in the United States? He doesn't do 5 straight nights in Vegas. How does he get booked for 5 in the Brew City? No wonder it is cold. Hell hath frozen over.

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