Monday, February 19, 2007

Those damn teasers

I will be heading up to Minnesota later today. Quick 2 day trip. Just enough time for the cat to get whiny.

This is a follow up trip from November. That trip wasn't bad. I basically spent the couple days with my boss and this other guy from San Fran. Dude turned out to be gay (from SF? NO!) which was kinda funny. Wait, can I say that? I don't want anyone to think I am going all Tim Hardaway hear before I even start. As I was saying, the guy was pretty cool and pretty damn funny. It seemed the routine everyday was the same. Get up, meet in lobby, get coffee/breakfast, work, lunch, work, happy hour, dinner, drinks. As the night would go on, you could see his face change as he got drunker. As he got drunker, he got gayer. He voiced got lilty, he acted up a bit and gave attitude. Me and my boss would sit back and laugh.

But as I said, the dude was cool. Smart. Knew his stuff. It will be good to kick back and chat with him again. Plus, I know my boss will be picking up the drink tab. Whoo hoo!

One thing I will miss this week is the local news. On the drive to work this morning, I heard of some teaser on how restaurants are "tricking" you to eat food that isn't healthy. My ears perked at that comment. How does one get "tricked" into eating unhealthy food? Let's think about this.

If you are trying to eat healthy and lose weight, there are two things going on. One, you are most likely not eating out. You want to be able to control what you eat and the best way is to prepare it yourself. Two, if you are eating out, you should be prepared and know what foods will be good for you. To stick away from foods that are prepared in fat, or may be high in whatever you are trying to avoid.

Which makes me is this supposed "tricking" going on? The only way I can think of is they have these little heart symbols by the food to indicate the menu item is good for you, when it actuality, it is not. That doesn't sound like a huge crime to me. If so, the answer is always the simplest. Don't eat there.

I must remember to set up the DVR just to catch this story.

Flight time is 4:20. I kid you not. I wonder if the cookies will be plain chocolate chip?

Be back in a couple days. Rock on with your bad selfs while I am gone.

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