Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Before I go to work...some thought of Minnesota

Just got back into town. In about an hour I need to go into work to meet with the heads of the department and go to dinner. After getting up early, working 6 hours straight without a even a break for water, rushing to the airport and flying home, I would rather just crash with a drink. But instead I have to go in and meet for a late dinner. Not too happy.

I think there is a state law that requires walleye to be on the menu. Every place I ate at had walleye on the menu. Whether it be a sandwich, an entree, or on your salad, walleye was plentiful. Being a man who doesn't care for seafood, I ate whatever mooed, oinked, or crowed.

Ate at a Irish pub the first night. I was a bit surprised that more people aren't familiar with Reuben rolls. Basically an egg roll but stuffed with corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese. You know, like a Reuben. Quite good.

The Smithwicks tasted damn good that night as well.

Still amazes me how far you can walk around downtown Minneapolis without going outside. I don't understand how any food business can not make a profit in there. It is also interesting watching the people march like ants at lunch time through the walkways, instinctively go right here, across the street, down the stairs, en route to Arbys. People know exactly where they are going and how to get there fast. Half the people don't even acknowledge you are around as they brush past you in their haste.

One place proclaimed a meal in a cup. I scanned the menu and didn't see any soup or chili. WTF?

Upon getting home, I did check to see what how restaurants are fooling people in Milwaukee? Big portions! Oh my God, what a crime! You get more than you can eat for your dollar. Let's see, the is the burrito as big as your head. Don't you think that is going to be a lot of food? Oh, it's also packed with fat and calories. What do you expect with the mound of fries, or tub of salad dressing you get? So their story is it is a lot of food, that contains 2-3 days of your recommended fat input. So...don't eat it? Nah, too easy. They even complained about the cheesecake being high in calories. Duh!

Yep, I had to DVR the story just for the laugh. Must have been a slow news day.

Off to work. Back at ya later.

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