Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tougher on crime

Why does it seem that committing a crime is much easier than in the past?

There seems to be a couple bank robberies a month in the Milwaukee area. Gas stations are getting knocked over with more frequency. And many bars on the south side have been hit.

But some good bar patrons got the bastards last night. Score one for the drinkers of America!

I don't know about where others may live, but it seems that in Milwaukee, the people doing the crime get off to easy. Somehow, the tables turn and they become the victims. Doesn't matter if they scared some lady senseless or held someone hostage, it seems the media always digs up some reason for their actions. It is that they grew up in the bad part of town, or with an abusive parent, or they dropped out of school. How about the simple fact that they are a turd? We should push them through the system, but instead they get dumped with all the other turds back into the public domain. Kinda like the sewer system dumping raw sewage into Lake Michigan.

See, what should have happened yesterday in that bar was that patrons kicking the living crap out of the burglar. They should have smacked him around good. Then, when they brought his accomplice back to the bar, they show him what happened to his buddy. After he shits his pants, do the same to him. I doubt they will be knocking any bars over any time soon. And when word gets out, no one else will. When the police show up, no one says anything. Street justice prevails. Worked well in the past.

But we all know what would really happen. The patrons would be arrested, have to go to court and become the criminals.

Instead, the cops would rather go after those bingo playing criminals. Sheesh!

What we need to do is treat criminals like criminals. Stop giving second, third, fourth chances. All these people do is go back and rob from the same people in their neighborhood. No wonder the inner city is a mess because no one wants to be tough on them.

Maybe it is because of the way people have been treated over the last 20 years. I found this article about college kids interesting. Narcissism is here to stay. These criminals think they have a right to commit crimes and when they are caught, they are told they are someone special and can be good. Bullshit!

It goes back to the schools ultimately I think. Growing up, there were no bullshit "participation" trophies. You got a trophy if you team finished 1st or 2nd. Big trophies for first, smaller for second. You had to earn them

There was no let-every-kid-bat-in-the-inning rule. It was 3 outs and you go back in the field. Or if you batted around, you batted around. It didn't matter if you were down 4 touchdowns, the entire game was played. Every kid still got to play at least 3 innings or a quarter, but the better players usually played the whole game. It was a lesson in life. Of being competitive. Of identifying what your strengths are and how to capitalize on them. So what if you couldn't catch a football or hit a softball deep, there was soccer for you you probably had other talents and interests that you were much better at. Nothing wrong with spending your time there.

Instead they tell each kid they are doing a great job when they suck. A boost in their ego that leads them astray for their lives.

Damn teachers union!

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