Friday, March 30, 2007

A boring Friday ahead

Today looks to be a boring work day. End of month, everything is done. I think I will sit back and listen to music all day, answer the phone when necessary, and eat pizza at lunch.

Wow, no sooner than I type that in, the boss boss calls and I scurry about getting stuff done for her. This will also prompt a call from my boss later, but not in a bad way.

Shaking a cold sucks. Not just in the you-feel-like-shit part, but it can hamper drinking with friends. I had gone out to enjoy some beers with work people last night and found myself bailing after 3 hours. That was after I paid 6.25 for a Hacker Pschorr. I even looked at the bartender expecting more change. Maybe I am spoiled at Big Mommas.

Not quite sure what will be going on this weekend. It is suppose to be cold and rainy but I heard that same report last week. I should really get off my ass and prep the living room for a paint job or sand down the rails on my porch for that paint job. At the very least I should go and buy a new screen door so Gambino's hubby can help me install it next month.

Oh, I saw a fox running down the sidewalk this morning। At first I thought it was a dog that was running ahead of its owner. But there was no one around. After the double take, I realized it was a fox. Thing looked a bit scared. Hopefully he was able to run the 3 blocks to the lake where he will feel a lot more comfortable.

I am set for Vegas in June. Staying at the Rio. The next 3 months better fly on by.

Later on people. Rock on with your bad selfs this weekend.

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