Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Let the whisky talk

I walked out on my dentist yesterday. Not get out of the chair and walk, but walk out of the waiting room walk. I got there 10 minutes early (yep, I am the punctual one) and was told they were about 20 minutes behind. So I told them I would come back. I received a look of shock from the receptionist. It was a "Uh..can you do that? No one does that. I don't think you can do that" look. Living nearby allows me that luxury.

I was able to go home and get my mail. More importantly I was able to change clothes and shoes. It made a big difference on my foot. The hitch in my giddy up may still be there but it is more managable with cushiony shoes.

My dentist now knows me on a first name basis. Didn't even need to look at a chart to see who I was like the first couple of visits. I think she sees me and thinks new Mercedes. But there are only 2 more visits needed. She did one whole section yesterday which made me happy. Though my jaw was aching, I am glad she did more work this time around.

I wonder if they have a section in my file that say "drooler". Not knowing how other people are in that chair, I could help but feel self conscious about my saliva production. I wonder if that is normal. I may ask the assistant next time.

I followed the doctor's instruction and didn't chew on that side of my mouth. the Makers and Ginger didn't require any chewing. I may have to patent this as a new diet.

There was a local news story yesterday about some thugs vandalizing a military recruitment office. Today they published the names of these punks. Of course they claim they hadn't intended to vandalize anything and they are all innocent little kids. They will be fined and sent along on their way. I wish they would give them a sentence that fits the crime. First, make them clean up the recruitment office. They can clean up the feces that was reportedly smeared on the walls. Second, they spend a day with a branch of the military. They listen to why people choose to enlist and the benefits they receive. They also listen to why we are in Iraq and who we are fighting. Show them the violence that the terrorists perpetrate on innocent people. Show them the accomplishments our soldier have achieved. Show them what the mainstream media won't because it doesn't fit their agenda.

I am simply saying, let them hear what they are not. They can then go and protest the next time if they choose. They are entitled to their short-sighted, selfish vision.That is what our military is fighting to protect. Just my opinion people. But I do have one question for those who disagree. What do you think happens if the U.S. leaves Iraq?

Ok, blogger is pissing me off. The much anticipated While Drinking CD will be out either later today or tomorrow. Blogger allowing.

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