Wednesday, March 21, 2007

While Drinking, I listen to...

Putting together music with a them is not an easy task. Sure it starts easy as you throw together a bunch of tunes. But then you want to put them in an order that sounds good and makes sense. Not that easy. Plus, you always have songs that you would like to include but can't because you don't have it. I could have added songs by Van Halen and Def Leppard but couldn't find what I wanted online. Plus, I some artists have multiple songs about booze. I could have made a disc with all country but who would want that? So I went the route of multiple genres. In the end, I like what I compiled. Plus, what is stopping me from Vol II?

Have a Drink on Me by AC/DC- Let's start with a song that sends a message. How do you not have a thirst after hearing this song? It makes me want to pour a cocktail right away.

Secret of the Bottle by Jackyl- This may be one of my favorite songs of all time. Also a song few have heard of. Listen to the lyrics, sit back and enjoy. When finished, enjoy a slug from your favorite bottle. Unless you have it playing in your car. The authorities wouldn't appreciate you drinking and driving.

Drank too Much by American Dog- You want a band with swagger, likes to drink, play their music loud and have a good time doing it? Listen to the Dog. They love to sing about drinking and fucking and drinking some more. Hell, they might as well put out on an album about it. Oh wait. They did.

I Ain't Drunk, I'm Just Drinking by Albert Collins- The Blues and booze go hand in hand and Albert sure delivers with this ditty. How many times have your told someone you ain't drunk? Yeah, I can't count that high either. But instead of giving them a dumb look or defending yourself, just tell them you are drinking. Then look at the dumb look on their face.

I Drink Alone by George Thorogood- You leave work, tired, cranky after having the boss chew on your ass for a couple of hours because of some stupid report that wasn't completed. Of course it isn't your fault the boss is an idiot and doesn't realize you are not responsible, but you got the job done to make them look good. All you wanted was a "Thanks" and didn't even get that. Don't worry, your pal Johnny Walker is there to comfort you, with his brother black and red.

Mas Tequila by Sammy Hagar- The Red Rocker loves his tequila. Me too. His Cabo Wabo that is. I think there is one simple rule in life. Never- Ever- bother to drink cheap, rail tequila. That includes Cuervo. Make sure you agave juice is pure. You will thank me in the morning.

Worse Hangover Ever by the Offspring- Apologies to my friend John but this song always reminds me of him. Each Sunday before football, he would look like death warmed over, sitting in the bar drinking his Diet Pepsi. He wouldn't want to go near a beer but would eventually dive back into the pool. I think everyone has had that killer hangover more than once. If you haven't, then you didn't drink enough. Plus it fits to have it follow a song about tequila.

Cold Gin by Kiss- Gin. The most misunderstood liquor. Been there before. My tune has changed. There is a good chance I will be drinking gin before any meal nowadays. It is refreshing, like a warm towel on your face. What you don't believe me?

The Alabama Song by the Doors- Oh, don't ask why. I wish I had a good whisky bar by me. Some things in life are this simple. Give me a good bottle of whisky and I will be content. Oh, don't ask why.

Gin & Juice cover by the Gourds- I blame Eva for this one. Two years ago when I was out east for the Bash at the Boathouse, she played this in the truck. I believe her words were "you will end up having this song in your head and will want a copy by time you get home". She was right. It is like a cold beer on a hot summer day. You listen to it once and laugh at how made a rap song into basically folk music. Done very well.

I Wish You Were a Beer by the Cycle Sluts From Hell- Late entry in the selection process. The song floored me. Loved it from the beginning. Women that rock hard and like beer. I think I am in lust.

Sex and Beer by Pat McCurdy- How about a taste of a Milwaukee mainstay. C'mon, who doesn't like sex and beer? They go hand in hand. Especially at Summerfest. Its the things we like 'round here.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer by John Lee Hooker- One day I will walk into a bar and place this order. The reaction alone would be worth it. Yeah George may have done his own version but you have to go to the roots to get the full meaning. Listen to that voice. He lives the Blues.

Alcohol by Barenaked Ladies- This is one of those pop songs you find to be annoying at first. The girls in the bar keep playing it over and over. Next thing you know, you can sing along word for word. If this hasn't happened to you, then please, HELP ME!

Too Drunk to Fuck by the Dead Kennedys- The title says it all.

I Love this Bar by Toby Keith- Yep, there is even a bit of country on this compiliation. This song will always reminds me of PJ's Blue Chipper. How I miss the place. If you don't have a good bar in your life, do you really have a life?

Another Drinkin' Song by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Ska. If I have punk and country, I need some ska. Another unknown drinking song that has some great lyrics. What you call the disease, I call the cure. Indeed.

Enjoy. If you want a copy of the playlist, send me an email at
I will learn how to zip it together and get it to you.

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