Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Say it isn't so!

First people had to insist that pro wrestling wasn't real. Even made them testify in court that pro wrestling was scripted. I am still not sold on that. I refuse to let my younger years go, believing in my hero, the Crusher, and later Hulk Hogan, as true men, champions of their sport.

But now you are going to try and sell me the fact that pro wrestlers today are taking steroids? No way! Get out! That cannot be true either! Stop slandering this fine sport! (It must be a sport if Sports Illustrated needs to report it as news). Does Randy Orton look like he takes steroids?

But it gets worse my friends. The article even tries to tell us that in the case of Rey Mysterio, sit down if you must, it isn't even his real name! Rey Mysterio has a "legal" name and it ain't Rey? I don't buy it! Does this guy look like an Oscar to you? See, I don't think so either.

Why would a pro wrestler need a "performance enhancing" drug anyways, if as the skeptics claim, that the outcome is predetermined? See, that is the hole in the case. If this isn't a sport- for argument's sake as Sports Illustrated has prove that it is- then what benefit would someone have to be bigger and stronger if they already know if they will win or lose?
Needless to say, I bet that Nick Bockwinkel never took any steroids.

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