Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bad haircut

That is the best way to describe my lawn. It looks like it received a bad haircut. It needs the first cutting of the year, but if it rains this week, that won't happen. I figure the very least I can do is make sure the mower starts. I think I will get that done tonight.

Tuesday is an easy night to get stuff done. There is nothing of interest on TV that cannot be recorded. You can always put a ballgame on in the background as you work on something else.

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention anything about the Sopranos or Entourage. I guess because neither show was that interesting. I do believe I was hearing some cussing from the East Coast during the Sopranos. The Blonde was probably getting upset when they made it appear Tony would whack Pauly Walnuts. I enjoyed that part. I knew Pauly would either whine like a baby or just be scared shitless. I loved it when he hesitated getting on the boat. But beyond that, who the hell knows where they are going with the ending here.

Entourage was nothing exciting. Except for the couple good Drama lines, the show was rather boring. I guess they cannot hit home runs every time out.

And what is with this bullshit from Sheryl Crow about using one square of toilet paper to wipe your ass? Plus she thinks you should wipe your mouth and nose on your sleeve instead of napkin or tissue. WTF? Crazy Hollywood elitists should just keep their mouths shut. Especially one who advocates carrying your snot germs on your arm.

Enjoy your Tuesday. I know I won't. I rather it be the weekend already so I can be at Hooters watching the draft, drinking beer and eating wings.

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