Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spit it out

It was another trip to the dentist yesterday. Having appointments spread out over weeks instead of days has been a real pain in the ass. Having to wait 40 minutes in a dental chair, listening to soft rock is a bigger pain in the ass. Seriously, who the hell listens to John Mayer??? I wanted to take one of those dental tools and tear out my ear drums after having to listen to one very crappy song and then hear the station get all excited about giving away a trip to see this guy in Colorado.

There is one last scheduled trip next week. That is the one in which a wisdom tooth gets the yank. I believe it is just one of them. Not sure why or which one as they all look the same to me when I stare into the mirror.

Does it mean my beer for dinner Tuesdays are over? I don't see why! Yesterday I went with the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I only drank 5 of them last night before switching off to Lite. I wanted to make sure I was tasting the beer properly. With half my mouth numbed up, I noticed I wasn't tasting anything on the right side of my mouth. What I was tasting was pretty good. Better than I recalled.

I had also noticed I could spit either. I left the doctor's office, went home, and then walked to the liquor store. Along the way, I tried to hawk out a loogey and found I had no force behind it. I tried to shoot another and once again, I barely got anything behind it. I next dug deep to get some spittle and tried to shoot it out the left side (unnumbed side). I just hope no one say me spitting on the side of my face. Thankfully I had jacket on and could Sheryl Crow it away.

With all the rain expected today and tomorrow, my lawn will look just great come the weekend. I didn't start the mower yesterday and probably won't give it a pull tonight. Murphy's Law says it won't start when I get around to it. If that is the case, I am heading to a bar to drink Murphy's Stout. If that doesn't appease that bastard, nothing will.

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