Monday, April 16, 2007

Doing nothing at work

Tony: "So how was Florida?"
Phil: "Hot and sticky, like my balls."

How do they come up with lines like that? Had me laughing out loud.

I wish it was hot and sticky at work here. I am freezing my ass off. It is like I work in a cooler. The stairwell is warmer than my desk area. It is about 63 degrees in here, blowing right down on me. Yep, this is an instant were "blowing down on my" is not a good thing.

I had some fun at work on Friday. After having a nice conversation with my boss, she told me that a co-worker had complained to her that I wasn't doing any work. That the workload was not fair and I sat around doing nothing. I laughed a bit because she compared my supposed lack of work with someone else who does a different job. I cannot say I got angry because it wasn't worth the energy. I could have considering how two-faced she was, being all nice while shooting an email off. Plus, the co-worker doesn't know shit about what I do. She can barely do her own job.

Plus, it pissed my boss off. She did not like someone accusing another worker of doing nothing, no matter who it is. It is not her job to be a busy body and watch who is doing what. Especially for someone who wastes time herself.

I know how this person acts and thinks. So I spent some time Friday morning thinking about how I was going to mess with her. If she thinks I sit around and do nothing, well, that is what I am going to make it look like. I had a number of items to complete and most of it was analysis and brain storming. It would be very easy to appear to be day dreaming.

I am not sure if it worked or not. I did enjoy stretching out a lot, deeps sighs, and just staring off into space when she was around. I would do any paperwork when she left the area and then goof off when she came back. If I pissed her off just a bit, I will be happy.

Should be more fireworks today as I will be introducing a new procedure that will save us quite a bit of time in a monthly process. She had objections already without knowing what we were going to do so it should be fun.

Spent most of the weekend nicely inebriated. Watched guys try too get laid by thinking if they acted like they had a lot of money, were loud and knew the bartender, that it made them real men. And spent some time slinging cards. With the warmer weather coming in, I guess I will be forced to start doing some work around the house.

I fear my last weekend of doing nothing but boozing has come and gone.

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