Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It is hard to make any sense of what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday. Some guy goes bezerk and innocent people end up dead. Sad. Very sad.

Scary thing is, it can happen pretty much anywhere. I thought about my college days at UW-Oshkosh. Anyone could pretty much walk into the dorms or the lecture halls. There is very little to stop a madman from doing such a heinous act.

Say a prayer for the victim's families when you can.

I was going to go off on some real asshats claiming yesterday's events were a staged coverup by the government but decided not to waste my time. Some people cannot be reasoned with.

So I watched "Drive" last night. Had dvr'd the premiere and caught the second episode. I just don't think a Cannonball Run series can work now. Most of the show seems to be people driving down the highways like lunatics. Driving fast is one thing, driving like an idiot is another. The driving scenes always seem to be cars moving in and out of traffic cutting across 3-4 lanes. Most of the time, they really have no reason to be changing one lane, let alone 2-3. Maybe I am the only one that notices that but it kills the show. Well, that and the plot lines are pretty convoluted.

I should have continued to watch the Brewers game. It was a nice victory last night. Hopefully the grand salami will pull Bill Hall out of his rut. Same for Corey Hart. Some good catches in the field and a big double put some runs on the board. What I didn't need to hear was the doofus on the radio talking about the Brew Crew and their success on the road this season. Last night's win made it a winning road trip. By a game, possibly two. This guy makes a comment like "this is a nice feature of the team this year, they win road games."

Uh...it was one trip on the road. There are many, many more. One winning trip does not make for an entire season of success. Hey, I am happy to have a winning trip, but don't jinx us by saying they will continue to have great success away from Miller Park.

Or did I just do it?

On to better news. Looks like Def Leppard will be at Summerfest on June 29th. That would be a Friday. It would also appear that they are playing a side stage so expect mass chaos from the crowd. For a lighter rock sound, the Goo Goo Dolls and Lighthouse will be at the gig the next day on the 30th.

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