Friday, April 27, 2007


End of the month. Little needs to be done at work. Of course there is the backlog on my boss' end that will probably be dumped on me today but I am not concerned about that.

My mind is on football. Tomorrow is draft day. A time to get together with friends, head to Hooters and toss beers back, eat wings, and just have some fun.

Sadly, the group keeps shrinking each year. From what was designated as "each year, we have to do this again, no matter what!" has become "you gonna be able to make it?"

I offer no big predictions on what will go down. I think the Cowboys will go with WR in the first round. Slight chance they trade down, but I think receiver is the pick. Owens and Glenn are in their 30s and I don't buy any of the "they really like the younger players on the roster" line. Sure Crayton has looked good as a third down guy, but he doesn't get many passes thrown to him. There is little confidence from the QB there.

The Boys may go defense but I believe that would only be if a bigger name falls into their lap. Then a CB or DE would be chosen. Still, I am sticking to a guy like Bowe from LSU.

I think the Packers will screw up their choice. Most writers have probably written their articles already. Every year is the same. Great pick. These scouts love the guy. Blah blah blah. The facts don't lie. The Packers first round picks have usually been bad, average at best. Hawk was an easy pick last year. Every Packer fan loves to say Wolf was a drafting genius. Well, no. His first picks weren't very good. He got value in the middle of the draft, by getting more picks. Easier to find better players when you have the picks. But those middle players are not getting the big bucks and affecting your cap like the top guys.

Seems every draft has the Packers taking Lynch. I agree with the boys at Up For Sports. They should take the safety from Florida if available. Take any of the 3 safeties that will be available. Sure there is a glaring hole at RB but Lynch has issues, both personal and health. Plus he dances around too much and isn't a threat inside the 5.

It feels painful to look at the clock and think it is another 27 hours to wait. I can taste those wings right now.

BTW, for those keeping score on the lawn mower (all one of you), I did get gas yesterday and filled up the tank. Got it started on the first pull! I was shocked. In fact, I even said to myself "You have got to be shitting me!"

Seriously. WTF? Don't just read the article, watch the video.

Onwards to making Friday history. Enjoy your weekends. Get out and rock on with your bad selfs!

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