Monday, April 30, 2007

Good weekend

To be buzzed up for half the weekend and get work around the house completed is a good accomplishment. Must say I am pretty proud of that.

A late Friday that flowed into heading out to Hooters at 11:30 made for drunken Saturday. The drunken Saturday left me a bit light headed as I painted my porch Sunday morning in the warm sun. When that was done (or so I thought), I mowed the lawn and then crashed on the couch with the Brewers game on in the background.

Oh, I then drank a gallon of water.

Though I was happy with my accomplishments, I was also disappointed. This time around, I didn't paint myself out of my house by grabbing my keys. Last time, I painted the porch by starting at the door and working out and down the steps. I hadn't realized it meant I had no way to get back into my house except for walking on the wet paint. Didn't have to worry about it this time. But what I hadn't done was scrape one section that faces the street. Damn it! Then I noticed I hadn't painted the edges of the porch that are under and just beyond the rails. Looks like one quick run on the porch before it is officially done. Then I move on to the living room.

That may be a couple weeks off though. Hopefully next week I can get a screen door replaced and I know I will need to go mow the lawn at my mother's house. Saturday may be a drunk day after working again.

So I am content with the Cowboys draft. Got a very good rusher and the Browns' #1 for next year. Yes, they could end up with the top pick in next year's draft. Sweet.

But one has to wonder what the heck the Packers were doing. Each pick left you scratching your head. Or at the very least, left Favre mumbling to himself "Why did I come back? Oh yeah, the money." Sure you do not know how any drafts are until a couple years later but when you take players rounds ahead of where the competition would think of doing so, you lose value. And when other scouts make comments like "he looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane" or "his heart isn't in it", you know it can't be good. Just part of Thompson's plan to get Favre out of there as soon as possible so he can build his team (just my own conspiracy theory).

I would also have to be a Dolphins fan. Ginn at 10 when you need a quarterback? Amazing.

I also came to the conclusion that Danny Snyder, owner of the Deadskins, definitely has Cowboys-envy. Taking a Landry in the first round and a Dallas in the second. Well done Danny boy.

How could both Houston and Tennessee not take big name offensive players in the first round? Especially in Tennessee where you have no RBs or WRs. Their wideouts have a total career catch count of 27. 27 and you passed on the Meachum and Bowe.

So glad those aren't my team. On to working. Today is the last scheduled trip to the dentist. A wisdom tooth is coming out. Still sure not which one, but I will be happy that the ordeal is over. Looks like I will be drinking Maker's tonight to soothe any pain.

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