Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hmm...which shirt can I bleed on?

It is not everyday you come home from work and change clothes with the thought of "which shirt do I not mind bleeding all over". I was under the impression that the dentist was going to be yanking a wisdom tooth yesterday. That did not happen. Which makes me happy. I didn't really want to bleed on the Leinenkugel shirt.

No, the doc said she would wait until the fall and take a look again when I come in for a cleaning. Believe me, I will not be missing any more cleanings in my lifetime. I have learned my lesson. Just because you brush your teeth everyday and they don't cause any pain doesn't mean those choppers are healthy.

The good side is that you can come home, pour a tumbler of Maker's Mark and drink the night away. Can't chew for a couple hours so I will drink.

Here we are, first day of May and the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place. I have always wanted to type that. As I have said before, there is a lot of baseball to be played, but for now, the Brew Crew is playing good ball and damnit, I am going to enjoy it! It was good to see them put on a good show for ESPN last night as well. Given a national stage, they didn't trip on their own feet. Instead they put away the defending champions convincingly. Plus, they got the announcers to firmly plant their lips on their asses.

The ass-kissing at the end of the game was something. Lines like "the people of Milwaukee are just waking up to this team they have" and "They are leading the division as the end of April. Don't be surprised if they are leading at the All Star break as well." Whatever boys. When you grow up watching the Brewers, you know that good starts can fade away. I have playoff tickets from 98 or 99 at home. No, the Brewers didn't go to the playoffs; they were allowed to print tickets because they had a chance in August that year. They gave them to season ticket holders instead of tossing them out when they became worthless. Thus, a nice April is to thoroughly enjoyed. We just cannot allow it to get to our heads.

Just read an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled "The Accidental Binge Drinker: How much we really pour" This is good for a laugh. The author whines about the size of the drinks she is having and the negative effects it can have on her health. Tell someone who cares. When I get a drink, I hardly expect the bartender to pour 1.5 ounces in the glass. Plus, my bartenders know how I like the drinks so they will just hold the bottle upside down until it looks right.

Even better is the much talked about definition of binge drinking. 4 drink for the women and 5 drinks for me over a two hour period. Hmm...guess I must be the poster child for binge drinking.

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