Thursday, April 05, 2007


When I woke up this morning, I had a strange thought.

Did I put the eggs away last night? Were they even in the bag? The bag boy bettered have given me those damn eggs!

So I bolted from the bed to the fridge and yes, the eggs were there.

I wondered why I was suddenly concerned about a dozen eggs that may have cost me a buck. Was it that I was a conscientious consumer and simply wanted what I had paid for? Was it some natural instinct to protect the eggs? Or maybe I just wanted an omelet for breakfast.

The trip to the store was mostly uneventful.


I found myself lingering by the bakery section for a minute more than usual yesterday. At this store, the bulk candies are across from the bakery. I spotted a scrubby looking man/woman/IT (still don't know what it was) eyeing up the candy. Right away, I knew IT was going to start eating. And if IT was, I had to see this. Only took about 40 seconds of feigning interest in the Easter cookies to see the hand go into the bin and shovel something into IT's mouth. I chuckled and moved on, though I was tempted to see what the thing had eaten so I knew to avoid that bin in the future.

Later, I would see IT by the dairy aisle reaching for a bottle of creamer. Of course I stopped to watch. I would not have been shocked to see IT open the container and take a swig.

I finished watching the Andrew "Dice" Clay train wreck on Vh1. I would be shocked to see them come up with a season two. For all I know it has officially been cancelled but I am too lazy to look it up. Bottom line is simple: Dice is done. He isn't funny anymore and he is living in a fantasy world. Someone needs to be totally honest with him instead of kissing his ass. Tell the guy to stop dressing like hobo and wear a shirt that has sleeves. And what is with him wearing women's sunglasses throughout the entire series?

The arctic blast is hitting Milwaukee. I froze my ass off getting gas this morning. Granted, it is only April, and we are not out of the full winter type weather for the area. I give it until the 20th. Then I get pissed.

I guess the real issue is that I would like to get started on some painting outside, but cannot even get some scraping down. I have all of this motivation, but the weather is not cooperating.

I guess the message received is that yes, I should just sit around drinking beer.

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