Friday, April 06, 2007

Bad boys bad boys

It is not often that I find myself standing at the window just before midnight, watching the cops outside. But there I was, looking on, as they frisked the perp.

See that. Like how I added some cop talk?

Anyways, I was sitting there playing some drunken poker when I noticed these lights outside. They had to have been out there for some time already as there was one cycle cop, one cop car, and an unmarked car. 3 vehicles to stop a pickup truck? Strange.

I am not sure why I watched. Part of me wondered what would happen. Part of me wanted to make sure nothing happened. Part of me was curious to know what the guy did to not only get pulled over but to have 3 vehicles responding. Part of me thought about getting another beer and pulling up a chair to watch the show.

Apparently it was nothing big as they would soon put him back in the truck (I assume so he could warm up). The interaction between the guy and the cops looked cordial as well. He kept his hands on the truck most of the time except for when he put his shoes back on. Why did they have him remove his shoes? The cops flashed a light inside the truck a couple of times. They were really searching this guy pretty good. He appeared to have dark skin, but I couldn't tell if he was black, Latino, or just had a hell of a tan. Why did the cop just look under the truck? Shit! I have been spotted. One of the cop is looking at me. Why did I just duck?

I began to think of all the more interesting things that could possibly happen and wondered what I would do. Say suddenly the perp makes a move and tries to make a break for it. Or the cops start to kick the crap out of him. I could see the next move, the police coming to my door and informing me that I didn't see a thing.

Soon I got bored, finished my beer and went to bed. Yep, that is the thrilling ending. The truck wasn't there this morning so I have to assume it was a moving violation and they suspected something else as they talked to him.

Am I the only one that opens a can of soda and wishes it was a can of beer?

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