Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spinning out of control

I guess it has been raining since 1 this morning. Just a guess because I am not awake at 1. Though I was awaken my the loud crack of thunder at 2:30. At least that is what I thought it was. It could have been lightening striking a transformer (and not the kind that becomes a robot) and it was a good explosion. It scared the cat pretty good.

The rain fell pretty good as I drove to work. It reminded me of a month ago and the drive to work in the snow. Traffic was slow but not as bad. But more cars were spinning out of control. As I approached the stadium, a car in the center lane suddenly hit their brakes. I looked ahead to see why just in time to see a white car go spinning out of the right lane and slam into the hill alongside the freeway. I couldn't stop to make sure they were ok. In fact, I kinda did the opposite. I was passing them (two lanes over thankfully) and went with the NASCAR reaction. I sped forward away from the scene. Last thing I wanted was this car careening over two lanes and t-boning me.

I would see 3 more cars in the ditch, or hills, or deep in mud. I wondered how stupid could these people be? I usually drive about 10-15 mph above the speed limit. But this morning, I barely got to 5 above. Weather conditions dictated a slower pace. Any numbskull should be able to figure that out. Well, I guess there are at least 4 that couldn't.

I wonder if any were still hooched from the big Brewers victory yesterday? Ben Sheets pitched a great game en route to an easy victory. The Brew Crew is 1-0. Where do I get my World Series tickets?

I had been concerned about getting caught in stadium traffic on the drive home yesterday. Game finished around 3:10 and with me by Miller Park at 4ish, I would hit the brunt of it. Instead, the drive was excellent. I looked over the mass of cars still in the parking lots. Well duh! Nice weather and a victory means no one wants to leave. As long as there was beer, no one cared to leave.

I don't blame them. My head was not in my work yesterday afternoon. I should have left work and hit a bar to enjoy the game like all sensible people would have. I did see that I wasn't alone in my misery. Maybe next year.

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