Friday, April 20, 2007

This body is fueled by Maker's Mark

It wasn't quite work direct to bar. I needed to change. To relieve the stress of the day, step one was to get out of work clothes.

It was just a slight delay in grasping my Maker's Mark and ginger. I must salute Scott the bartender. He made sure my medication was strong and would kill the pain. The only reason I stopped after 4 was that I needed to be able to drive home.

After I got my whisky on, I switched to...Blatz???

I have got to stop drinking stuff just because it is in the cooler and looks lonely. Next I need to stop the peer pressure on my friends to drink old man's beer as well.

I woke up this morning not wanting to go to work. I would have preferred to stay in my bed and just sleep the morn away. But I couldn't and hauled my butt to work.

My mind was swimming with all kinds of thoughts this morning. Most of them of lady's naughty parts. Others were making me mad. I won't get into them, but must say FUCK YOU HARRY REID YOU DEFEATIST TWIT AND ALL THE PUSSIES THAT SUPPORT YOU!

I feel better now.

Oh and screw the ass munch in the Lexus that I let into traffic. I should have received a thank you wave. I expected the wave. I wanted the wave. I deserved the wave. But no wave. Instead I muttered to no one "thank you fuck waaaaaaaad".

Today won't be much better than yesterday. Work will be a bitch but nothing I can't handle. Going to the Brewers game tonight. Which reminds me...SWEEEEEEEEEP!!! Ok, it was just a two game series and it was Pittsburgh, but it is still a sweep.

Ah, Anthrax to settle my mind. Today will be better.

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