Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is it the weekend yet?

It was shopping day yesterday. Usually I look forward to seeing the freak around me grabbing 10 cans of the 30 cent fruit cocktail as they drool thinking about the syrupy goodness inside. But this trip was rather blah.

The store was somewhat empty. Thus the freak factor was quite low. I could say something about the human fire hydrant wearing shorts in 40 degree weather but that is too easy. I can't really think of anything out of the ordinary.

I did buy one great item yesterday. Edy's Banana Nut ice cream. I can't explain it, but banana ice cream is my favorite. The Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey is some good stuff, but the Edy's is even better. A year or two ago, I had found some Edy's Banana Graham but it was only once. I searched Edy's site again and again hoping to find it was a regular flavor to no avail. This time, I noticed it is a limited edition. I probably should have bought two of the damn things. At least I know I am not crazy.

But the better deal was yet to come. Seeing how I was going to take it easy and play some poker, I left the food area and went into the liquor store to get some beer. For the most part, the beer selection here sucks. Heck, that is my advice to anyone. If you want good beer, go to a real liquor store. In this case, I was looking for a nice craft beer to ease my way into the mood of cards. I knew there was little chance I would find it but the place was convenient and maybe, just maybe, I would get lucky.

As I walked in the door, I noticed a lot of yellow tags on the shelves indicating sale items. Sale items in a liquor store. Nice! As I walked up, I wondered if the Maker's Mark would be on sale as well. Sure as shit it was!

My arm was already pulling a bottle down before my brain could see what the price was. It didn't matter as I needed some. It wasn't like I would put it back anyways. Because of the Maker's, I knew I would be getting my beer here.

I perused the cooler and was not impressed. I looked over the shelved beer and began to think. If I got home and placed some bottle in the freezer, they would be cold enough within an hour or so. Or I could just go to the bar and skip cards.

Bar lost out and I grabbed a six pack of Lakefront Cherry Lager. It was toss up between that and the Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat. I hadn't had the Cherry Wheat in a long time and thought I sure give it another try. I wasn't impressed then. I couldn't recall if I had the Lakefront though so I grabbed it. Turns out that yes, I had. I wasn't disappointed. The Cherry Lager is a smooth beer. The cherries add flavor but do not overpower the beer. I would say it is quite refreshing.

I probably should focus on some work now. Today will be a bear of a day. I will feel like a kindergarten teacher trying to corral a bunch of 5 year olds into an auditorium and trying to make them sit still. It may just be a direct to bar day if things go shittily.

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