Friday, April 13, 2007

I guess we should all stop talking so we don't get sued

This whole Don Imus thing has been interesting. I have never listed to Imus. I have seen his simulcast on TV on the rare occasion I am home in the morning or at the airport. Found it to be on the boring side.

But for him to be fired about calling a team "nappy headed hos" is pretty ridiculous. Sure it was uncalled for. But a firable offense? Hardly. He should apologize, serve out the ridiculous suspension, and go on with the show.

But instead, blowhards like Al Sharpton and his cronies got to play the victim card once again. He got out to get his bit of attention. It is people like Sharpton that keep black people down. As long as he keeps the black man looking up to him and in tow, he has power. Doesn't really help those underneath. He is the harmful one. Not some radio guy making a dumb comment.

People of all creeds and colors seem to get their undies in a bunch over some minor things nowadays. Whatever happened to "stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"? We all need to stop being such pussies. Lawyers and protests are not the answer to everything.

Just like this police officer who is suing the Chief of Police in Pewaukee. So your boss is a racist chauvinistic pig. You say you have told him time and time again not to use those words. You say because of that, he made you do patrols instead of some cushy desk job. It hurt your feelings so you think you should be awarded $300,000?


Yes, someone at the city should have done something to get the Chief to stop being such an a-hole, but having to drive a car is not worth 300k. Stop being such a twat and do your job. Hell, if I lived in Pewaukee, I would start a petition to get both you, the Chief of Police, and the Mayor all shitcanned.

I am not sure why this amused me but it did. I say a headline concerning drug maker Merck and how a new drug they had did not receive an approval from the FDA "panel of experts". The vote was 20-1. I sat there wondering who the 1 "expert" was that thought "hey, this drug is good". Is he related to the one dentist who doesn't recommend Trident for their patients who chew gum?

I kept pondering the situation. How do they vote on this issue? Is it secret ballot, show of hands, rolls call with yea/nea? For this person's sake, I hope it was a secret ballot otherwise he/she could lose their expert status. I picture it as a show of hands or a verbal declaration. "All those in favor say yea and raise you hand" One voice shouts yea and looks around as no one moves. "All those against" NEA thunders through the room and the one "expert" shrinks in their seat. On the other side of the room, some whispers to another "What a dumbass! Some expert he is".

And of course the one FDA guy immediately contacts an attorney and they sue.

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