Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's snow joke

It looked like a blizzard most of the afternoon. A strong wind blowing from the east made it hard to see the buildings pass the trees. It looked like the accumulation on the ground was accelerating as well.

The drive wasn't that bad. A bit slow as you could see some ice beneath the snow. But as I got deeper into the city, the streets were just wet. Navigating through the city made my drive home only 10 minutes longer than normal. Even still, my friend and I decided that with more snow on the way, it was better to forget about going to the Cleveland Milwaukee Indians game.

The amount of snow at home wasn't bad. It was a wet heavy snow so it was already melting. I won't be doing any shoveling as it will all melt over the next day or two. A nice waste of a storm.

I am a bit sad now. Milwaukee will be losing its American League baseball team. We went through this once 10 years ago when the Brewers switched to the National League. It would have been nice to see the DH in action once again. Ok, maybe not. I feel though I missed a chance- my only chance- to see the Milwaukee Indians play before they moved on.

Oh well, at least our National League team won two last night.

Ok, let's talk about jerkweeds. No, this isn't Botany for 100 Alex, but a jerkweed with a stupid lawsuit. A guy is sueing an ambulance company for an accident that killed his wife. The ambulance, during an emergency run with lights and siren on, struck her vehicle in an intersection causing her death. The jerkweed is claiming negligence saying the ambulance had a red light and did not stop at the intersection. Um...why didn't you wife stop. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation:
When an emergency vehicle approaches with its siren on you must yield the
right of way as quickly as possible. As soon as you see or hear the approaching
emergency vehicle you must pull to the right and stop your vehicle.
You should position your vehicle as if parking, next to the curb, if there is one,
or as far to the right as is safe if there isn't, but don't block an
intersection. Remain in that position until the emergency vehicle is well past

So common sense would tell me for this accident to occur, she didn't yield the right of way as necessary. She appears to be at fault.

Of course what we don't know is how fast the ambulance was going and if they came to a stop at the intersection themselves. It is possible they slowed down and saw the intersection appearing to be clear or saw jerkweed's wife approaching and assumed she would be stopping and proceeded.

Even still, she failed to yield the right of way. The judge who gets this case should not only throw it out immediately, they should have the plaintiff's attorney cover the defendant's costs. Bullshit lawsuits like this need to be stopped.

Ok, I am done ranting. I think.

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