Thursday, May 10, 2007

Come see what's Brewin'!


9 wins, 1 loss.

It is hard to believe the Brewers had that kind of homestand. I don't care if it wasn't the top teams in the NL. Good teams are suppose to beat the weaker teams. Even in the past when the Brewers were playing good ball, a weak team like the Nationals or Pirates could come to town and bust their balloon. I have seen it year after year.

It would appear this year is much different.

And Brewer fans could not be any happier. Something magical is happening at Miller Park. Hopefully that magic lasts until October. If it does, this city will be wild as pent up baseball frustration is unleashed.

Even next weekend could be an event. The Brewers have a tough series this weekend against the East leading Mets. The Mets are stacked and playing well. To take that series would be huge, even this early in the season (how many times can I say it is early and there is a lot of baseball to be played?). It would show they can hang with the big boys.

From there, they go to Philadelphia. Though the Phillies are just below .500, they cannot be taken lightly. Again, the Brewers need to beat teams when they are down. Plus, Philly hasn't been the best place for them. The road woes of the past couple years cannot be forgotten with two winning trips.

To come back 5-2, even 4-3, would be nice. It would then get crazy nuts against the Twins next weekend. Hopefully, that is what happens.

I was also pleased to see the Brewers decided to treat their players like adults and not ban beer from the clubhouse. People need to stop having knee jerk reactions to tragedies. We need more common sense and personal responsibility, not rules or laws.

I have a lot of things bouncing around in my head right now for the weekend. My compadre is in charge of the booze. Yeah, you would think that I would be a natural to take care of that, but he insists because, well, it is his gigantic cooler. So I am in charge of getting food for us as well as cheese for the communal breakfast on Saturday. I am trying to figure the timing of when to hit the store. I could go tonight but then the stuff would sit in my car and the refrigerated item would get warm when I am at the bar. The logical thing would be tomorrow morning, seeing as how I need to get my emissions check and will be out early. I should probably get the cat some food too.

Given the chance, I may have to stop and get some forties and shorties. While I am in Vegas, the group will be taking on one of the contests I helped create with Gambino. A drinking content where you randomly draw a number that designates whether your next beer is a 40 (ounce bottle) or a shorty (7 ounce bottle). Time limits and cash are involved. They actual game is in June. I think they planned it on purpose, knowing I would win. I may have to test the game as we have tweaked it a couple of times without actually seeing if it may work. I am willing to be the beer drinking guinea pig once again.

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