Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In need of holiday

I keep saying that I am in need of a vacation. Some time away from work and the daily routine. Get up and go to work. Get home, relax, drink and sleep. I need a change of pace. While Vegas is now less than a month (Yes!), that is still 29 days away. Not that I am counting.

So this weekend will be a nice mini-vacation. Off to camp at the Bong. It isn't far but it is out of the city. No TV, no bar (but plenty of alcohol), and no working on the house. It is only Tuesday but I keep thinking about what I need to get done before Friday.

Oh and I am already thinking about my game plan for Vegas. Going to try and talk someone into seeing Metal Skool at the Hard Rock on Thursday and possibly Richard Cheese on Sunday.

But that is still 29 days away.

For the record...the painting of the porch is now completed. And the trim around the new back door has been done as well. I will not be picking up a paint brush for any outside painting for a couple of weeks. Inside is a different story, but let's not get carried away. I know Osh is excited about the new door going in and I don't want him to have a heart attack.

Oh to be sitting around the campfire, cold beer in hand, relaxing and having a good time with friends. Hell, I should take the week off.

It was good to see the Red Wings finally get past the San Jose Sharks. With the success of the Brew Crew lately, I find myself not falling into the usual spring routine of playoff hockey and not cursing a talented Red Wing team from bowing out early in the playoffs.

Hmm...Red Wings winning...Brewers winning...when I am in Vegas, I will have to place that Dallas Cowboys winning the Super Bowl wager.

There has been something really pissing me off lately. Of all things, it is commercials. Actually I should say the use of one particular word in commercials. That word is deserve. If you hear any of these work from home or instant loan or equity loan commercials, they promise you quick and easy money- usually guaranteed- so you can get the stuff you deserve. Phrases like get the brand names you deserve or drive the car you deserve.

If I am not mistaken, if you do not have enough money to buy the best electronics, vehicles or the clothing you desire, if probably means you do not work hard enough to earn said dollars to be able to purchase said items. Thus you do not deserve anything. You get what you can afford.

I would like to slap the advertising guy who came up that gem. It promotes irresponsibility and does nothing to install values of hard work that can be passed along to the next generation. Everyone wants the easy way out nowadays. Few want to bust their ass to get ahead. I busted my ass early on to get to a comfort level now. I find it hard that people cannot understand such a simple concept.

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