Monday, May 07, 2007

Nice end to the weekend

Stripper: "So, you are the man with the plan?"
Tony: "No, I am the man with the erection."

It was a good weekend in Milwaukee. Was out drinking with friends, got some work done around the house- even with some rain- and capped it off with a great episode of the Sopranos.

We finally get a Sopranos episode that leads into the next one. Lots of great lines like the one above. Lots of ball busting. Lots of beat downs. Just a good show. I'll spare anyone the details who has not seen it.

Entourage followed up with a solid performance as well. Drama turns in another classic story and we see how Vince will end up back with Ari. Ok, I wasn't hiding details on this one. If you didn't see the agent firing Vince, not vice versa, then you are slow. Or drunk and I hope it is the latter for your sake.

I didn't waste much time on Friday. It was out of work and onto a bar stool downtown at the Rock Bottom Brewery. For a chain, there beer ain't bad. Not as a good as a microbrewery but enough to wow you but more than enough to satisfy. In fact, I would say the Naughty Scot is a damn good beer. And it packs a wallop. Enough to get you started.

Later, we would end up in a place calling itself a Rock Lounge, the Bad Genie. I knew I would like the place when I heard the Doors playing outside the building. At first it was dead inside, but the bartenders were sociable as people came in. Shook some dice with one girl while the other talked music with my friend. Weird as these girls probably weren't alive when most of this music was created. During the night we would hear Boston, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Fleetwood Mac among others. Neat place. Very unique. At least for Milwaukee.

The threat of rain on Saturday kept me from finishing the paint job on the porch. It also meant no lawn cutting. But on Sunday, some friends came over and we did replace a screen door. Man does it look much better. Having a perfectionist work for you has it advantages and disadvantages. You know it will look damn good when it is done. It just may take an extra hour or two. Which means the sun may give you a bit of a burn on your neck.

But I couldn't be happier. Just need to paint the trim and it will look great. But with more rain today, it doesn't look like that will happen.

This rain is really beginning to piss me off. Thankfully we have a roof on our ballpark and that doesn't affect the Brewers.

A couple more shows were announced for Summerfest. The Classic Rock stage lineup was given. Funny, it may be that the Rock Stage is no more. The Hog (formerly Lazer 103) may have been evicted from what we had known as the Rock Stage for all these years. Looks like they are down at the M&I Landing, where the competition, the Brew used to be. Has there been a swap of stages? The Summerfest site does not have a map so I am not positive but I believe that is the case.

As for the music, well, it kinda sucks. REO Speedwagon puts on a good show, and the New Cars can be good or bad (word is it is bad). You can get some cowbell with Blue Oyster Cult and if you care, catch George Thorogood. But why are these bands there? Weird Al Yankovic. The Family Stone. BB King. Classic rock? Hardly. The show with INXS on the final night could be interesting. Fantastic show a couple years back, but that was before they got the TV guy to sing.

You want better? Of course! Go check out Chevelle at the U.S. Cellular stage on Friday July 6th. Great show last time they were at Summerfest. Then on Saturday, Papa Roach will be on. That should be much better than listening to Peter Frampton or the New Cars.

The big shows for the Miller Stage would appear to be the Black Crows and the All American Rejects. I may swing swing swing on by for that one. The Harley and Briggs stages haven't been announced as of yet. Those should be interesting as most of the bands you would normally see playing those stages are on others this year. BB King and Buddy Guy always played the Harley Stage. I had expected the New Cards to be on Miller as well as Peter Frampton.

Hopefully the acts that are yet to be announced will be better than what is out there so far.

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