Friday, May 18, 2007


It is going to be one of those days. A Friday with little on the docket. I am going to sit here, do some of those paper shuffling tasks and just get through the day. I wish I would have drank more last night now that I think about it.

The Rock Stage was announced for Summerfest. Offhand, it is rather crappy. I wouldn't mind seeing Jackyl again, or Sevendust. The rest of it doesn't do much for me. I was forced to watch Lifehouse a couple of years ago. It was like being at a funeral. The crowd wanted to hear one song. Just that one song. Never again would I put myself through that.

Overall, I think the lineup for Summerfest is not that great this year. Probably because they had enough 80s rock over the last 2 years to keep me interested. Not this year. I may have to just get tickets for the Def Leppard show now.

Nice to see the Brewers escape the sweep yesterday. I am thinking the Blonde distracted her team so they couldn't focus on the game. Hopefully the shot off the wall was the last gasp for a while. I am heading out to the game tonight against the Twinkies. I have a friendly wager going with Drizz so feel free to go heckle him. Show him what the True Blue Brew Crew is all about. And hopefully I don't throw the Paul Molitor bobblehead at a Twins fan.

Have a good weekend. Rock on with your bad selfs.

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