Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday thoughts

I sure would be nice to enjoy a nice steak once a week. Last night, it was a trip to Mr. B's Steakhouse, were I enjoyed the Angus Ribeye with the Garlic Al Forno topping. So.Fucking.Good! When you walk out of a good steak joint and feel like you could fall into a food coma, you know you just ate well.

When I heard the Brewers were in a rain delay, I thought that was great news. Rain some more so we can get closer to the ending of the road trip from hell. I knew this wouldn't be easy and was hoping for a minimal 4-3 trip, but would be happy with 3-4. Now 2-5 doesn't look possible. This team can snap back. I hope it happens this afternoon.

It was Sapphire and tonic before the meal last night. I declined to drink the Cabernet during dinner.

I have the fun task of tackling my weed whacker this weekend. Damn thing is a bitch to get that little line wound up and working correctly. I probably will get some weed n feed as well. If I don't go to the ballgame instead.

Locally, the Journal Sentinel fought for the release of porn the other day. A teacher in the suburbs was looking at porn at work. Not too smart. So we he got busted, he got fired. Makes sense to you and I, no? But some moronic arbitrator decided that he couldn't be fired and ordered the school district to give him his job back. Those 1500 pictures on the school computer didn't mean anything. After all, he looked at porn just once while at school (for just 67 seconds. Well done quick draw Mcgraw!) and the other time was after school hours. Like that makes a difference.

So the paper goes after those 1500 images because the public has "significant interest" in them. Damn skippy I do! I want this paper to provide those porn images to me so I can review them. I want to be fully informed of this case so I can make a final determination of his guilt.

And I want to see boobies.

Ever have one of those days where you wish you could just cut out of work, grab some beer, and just sit around doing nothing but drink? Thinking about beer this early is not good. I will be wanting all day.

I am also getting pretty bored too. Just don't want to work.

I wonder if the Red Wings game will be on TV? Ha! Like it would be. The quest for the Stanley Cup goes on but no one can see the game unless they are in the team's markets. How sad.

Am I the only one in Milwaukee that wants to watch this game?

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