Monday, May 21, 2007


I came across this hilariously disturbing video at Iggy's this morning. What can be said but


I mean, really, WTF!

When you watch it, you will be thinking, "Oh no, there must be something else going on. That kid is not really dry humping an ottoman." When the second kid walks in, you begin to think "what is with the gay brothers?" but then you are relieved when the first kid gets off the ottoman and the next one goes in for sloppy seconds. But then dirty thirds? Filthy fourths? Oh shit! They just keep coming! Each one, and they keep banging away. On a fuckin' ottoman? That must be some of the most prime lady ottoman in the universe.

Seriously, how stupid are these people? After they each crawl off the ottoman, they continue to act like they are getting it on. Do they view this as some kind of audition? They must think "they ladies will see this and I will have all the poon tang I can handle!" To which the ladies are thinking "I ain't going to be seen dead with some ottoman fucker!" These dumb sonofabitches have most likely never been with a woman, and with this video, make great leaps to ensuring they will never be with a real woman.

Which one of these brainiacs do you think thought this one up? And how long did the beating last when the kid's mother came home and saw how much they violated her ottoman?

For their own safety, I hope they don't have an eye on dad's Lazyboy.

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