Sunday, May 20, 2007

You make the call

I am at the Brewers game on Friday night. We are in the outside seating area of the .300 Club. The waitress bring our round of beers out. I take a drink and set my beer down. I notice a small puddle begin around the bottom of the glass. I take a napkin and wipe it off. Take another drink and set the beer down just to see the puddle begin once again. I look and sure enough, there is a small hole in the cup. I wave the waitress over and explain the situation. She takes it away and brings me a new beer.

How much beer can/should you drink out of the leaking cup? If you drink too much, they may not give you a full beer in return. But if you don't drink enough, you are missing out on free beer. For the record, I drank about a third. Felt like a reasonable amount to ensure I would get a full beer and not have her pour the remaining contents into a new cup.

I had the weed whacker fired up and was tearing a path by the street. I have a tree that is raised up in its own wooded box. The grass gets pretty high around it when neglected (ok, when I don't get the weed whacker out). As I began to trim the grass, I noticed some of it was flying onto the car that was parked. If I would have kept cutting the grass, I would have blown a lot of grass onto this clean car.

Should I have cut the grass and made a mess on the passenger door of the car? I don't know whose car it was. If it was my tenant I probably would have let the grass fly, but not know the owner, I decided to wait until another time.

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