Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to the real world

I knew I was back in the real world right away. Though my skin was dried out, my lips chapped, and I my liver had surrendered, I figured things at work would be somewhat smooth. Sure I knew I had a pile of items to be reviewed, but it was all managable.

There weren't that many emails for me to go through. I had a lot of it turned off before leaving so I knew only the important stuff would be there. I would be fine by the end of the week.

Until I had the pleasure of dealing with a slow pc. Some stupid scan took 2 hours to complete. All the while it made all the other applications slow to a crawl. I couldn't get much done.

When I finally got the email cleared up, I discovered that they work my co-workers were to do in my absence was ignored. None of it done.


When my boss calls, I ask what happened and she basically blamed me for it. Said they couldn't figure out what they had to do.

I was beginning to get angry. I sent out the directions on Monday, explicitly asking them to review and get back to me if they didn't understand. I asked my boss why they didn't review the instructions while I was here. She gave some bullshit line of "they didn't have an example". Example? You need a fucking example??? WTF?!?!?!

Am I out of line here? Is it too much to expect people to let me know they understand a process before I am gone? Is it too much to expect that things will somehow get done? I could show a monkey exactly what they had to do. It isn't rocket science. But she was covering for them with some bullshit excuse.

Now I was fuming. I so wanted to let loose but knew it wasn't the best way to resolve this issue. Throwing my phone was the best I could do.

I think I am getting sick of pussy footing managers who are scared to tell people to work. This politically correct bullshit has got to stop.

So stories about Metal Skool and strippers, gambling and drinking, prop bets and bullshit will have to wait until later. Hell, I may just get up and go home.

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