Monday, June 11, 2007


A funny thing happens with me and Vegas. I can't wait for the day of departure to come. Then I can't wait to get to the airport, on the plane, and in the air. If there is a line in the cab stand, I view it as less time for me to gamble and drink. If I have to wait to check in, that is more time loss.

Once I am settled I hit the table, get some drinks and let loose. It is nothing but drinking, gambling, socializing and doing whatever comes up.

That is good for a couple days.

By the middle of the fourth day in Vegas, I am getting to the point of saturation. If there is a fifth day- something I try not to do- I am ready to leave the city. I am done.

That's how it was last night. I was drunk and finished playing poker. I knew I had my fill of Vegas. I was good for the next couple of months. I just had to get out of the city. Thus, I found myself calling about flying standby on the first flight out instead of waiting until midnight and the red eye.

I had a great time, with a great group of friends. Metal Skool was beyond awesome. The booze hit the spot and I gambled my little heart away. Think I may have to go back in a couple of months.

More later. Right now I need some rest. I just watched the Soprano and need to find out if that was the actual ending or if my DVR suddenly cut out with a minute left.

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