Monday, June 18, 2007

Everything in one pot

I had forgotten what a mix of people attend the St. Romans festival. It is apparent that all kinds of people believe in Drinking for Jesus. You have the white trash coming in from the trailer park with the gang banger wannabes next to the bikers by the old parishioners standing by the drunks who chuckle at the goths. Old and young alike. Quite the crowd. I wouldn't be shocked if the number of people on the grounds at any given time is over 1000, even close to 2000 at peak moments.

I don't particularly care how many people are there or what they look like as long as I can get a beer without too much of a wait. Ok, I do care what other people look like because I enjoy the freak show. Seriously, Goths at a church picnic is funny. So are the kids who walk around making sure their hoodies are on just right, halfway on the head, even though it is over 80 degrees out. Stupid little dorks.

I had myself a good time even though the music came up a tad short for my tastes. I think I may be expecting too much out of local bands nowadays. I knew Mt. Olive could provide some background noise on Friday night. Plus, the same old freaks would be upfront dancing. I vow to bring my digital camera to one of their performances just to catch some of these people in action. I cannot properly describe it.

Background noise is how to best listen to Mt. Olive at times. Plus if you are under that tent, it gets way too warm. Just outside the back of the tent is perfect. Or outside the booze tent. Though Friday wouldn't see me walking out with cheap booze at 2 bucks a paddle, Saturday would have me a on nice little rush collecting amaretto, gin and Luna di Luna wine. Though I have a personal policy against cheap booze, I took this anyways. I can give the gin to my cleaning lady (she will not drink good gin), I can tolerate the amaretto in my weekend coffee (after trying it yesterday it is acceptable), and I can take the cheap wine camping this weekend. Maybe Jo will drink it and pass out by 5 again. At the very least she will like the pretty green bottle.

Saturday's music selection was a bit better. Just a bit. I had heard good things about the band Johnny Wad. Yep, a band named after a porn star playing a church festival. A must see. But they were just ok. Had great potential, but lacked "wow". The song selection was good (Beatles, Sammy Hagar, Def Leppard, etc.) but I think they lost me when they did Tom Petty's American Girl. Is there some law that says every single band in the state of Wisconsin must be able to play this song live? It is a good tune, but I am so sick of hearing every damn band play it. It is up there with putting on stupid hats for country songs. In fact, that would be number two on the list of what local bands should not do:
  1. Do not put on cowboy hats when playing country songs. It does not suddenly make you country and it does not tell the crowd that you can be country.
  2. Do not play American Girl by Tom Petty. Everyone and their fucking grandmother plays this song. Your version is not different from all the lame asses playing it.

By seeing different bands around Milwaukee, you would swear they go watch each other and either pick up the same stage gestures or music from one another. It just makes they look sad and pathetic. Then they make the list. By the end of Summerfest, I know this list will be longer. I guess that is why I spent most of Saturday night by the booze tent shooting the shit with friends and going through pitchers of beer.

Speaking of Summerfest, it looks like they have completed the lineups for all stages. I laughed a bit when I heard Slaughter was added. Don't know why but my physical reaction was to laugh when I heard this. I have been checking out the schedule and see some acts that look interesting. I will get into that next week. But for now, I think I am pretty much looking to see Def Leppard on the opening Friday. Looks like they have released some good seats. Who can I get to go?

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