Friday, June 15, 2007

Drinking for Jesus is back

Drinking for Jesus returns this weekend at the hallowed grounds of St. Romans on the south side. Possibly the biggest church festival of the season, St. Romans is usually a very good time. And it has nothing to do with sucking down bad rum and Cokes at the booze tent afterhours.

Looks like Mt. Olive is on tonight. Yep the band that doesn't really know who or what the hell they are, but sound ok is on stage. Tomorrow is a group called Johnny Wad. I believe I may have caught them once before, or I have been told to check them out. They are suppose to be very good, so I will have to get back on the horse Saturday night and go to church. Who knows, I may even do midnight mass after the festivities are done.

Anyhoo, St. Romans, this weekend, Drinking for Jesus. Be there.

My favorite local turd of a politician is back in the news. This time, they describe how he used his Rapid Response anti crime team to extort money from his constituents. Apparently he thought Rapid Response was synonymous with "going to the ATM".

There is also some street talk that I hope the Milwaukee D.A. will be able to interpret correctly. The guy lives up the road from me so I am more than willing to help a neighbor out. From JSOnline:
On April 8, McGee and Walton discussed making money and a "committee" that they were putting together, which the alderman called "Kick Ass" or "Ass Kicking."
The pair said they would make everyone in the neighborhood "little members" of
their committee, and everyone will "all have to give" and if they don't, "it's
done, straight up."

Ok, now this would appear to be something bad. But as I pointed out previously, this is all street talk about going out and getting drunk. The "committee" is just a group of people heading out to the bar do get drunk (an ass kicking. As in "Man, those 40 ouncers kicked my ass last night!") They were considerate enough to consider making is a block party (everyone in the neighborhood) and would include the lightweights, those who get drunk easily (little members). And everyone would be wasted, still they passed out (all have to give) and if the regular booze was doing it, they were doing shots until there was only one man standing (it's done, straight up).

See, talking street ain't that hard.

But the best part of the story to come out yesterday was the protesters! They rallied outside the courthouse to " highlight the injustice that is taking place" because "They are holding him (McGee) like a political prisoner" . The injustice that is taking place??? Holding someone for extortion, bribery and threatening to beat someone is injustice? A political prisoner??? Get real! How blind can these people be? The best part is that it is McGee's lawyers who do not want the charges and allegations to be unsealed. They are fighting over letting the public know the true nature of why he is in jail.

Furthermore, if they really think it is an injustice, why can't they raise the bail? Apparently there are not enough people that believe he is a good man.

Jerry Ann Hamilton, president of the local branch of the National
Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said the fact that McGee
still remains in jail is "grossly unjustified."

If the NAACP believe it is truly "grossly unjustified" then they would come up with the bail and get him out. The NAACP has the money. Apparently they don't have the faith that he won't run. And neither do any of those that were out there crying up a storm. You would think an alderman could have that money raised for him if he was a respected member of the community and innocent of the charges.

Ok, enough ranting. 9 hours til Drinking for Jesus. Have a good weekend. Rock on with your bad selfs!

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