Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A night at the ballpark

B: "Sheets is going to hit a Granny."
Me: "Only if she is behind the dugout."

Very little beats a nice summer night at the ball game. Good friends, cold beer, and a game that the Brewers never had a chance of losing makes it even better. All these things came together as we sat towards the top of left field right by the foul pole. Hey, we walked in at this area and decided the view was rather unique. It beat sitting behind the plate or in the .300 Club for one game.

There were a lot of interesting tidbits. The bullshitting that happens among friends. The booing of Barry Bonds (that turd!). Prop bets on the "cap shuffle", the easiest game to win if you pay attention (thus a true prop bet is done lottery style- you pick a number before it starts). Cold beer. Watching all the weird people in the cheap seats. Sheets pitching a great game. The home team coming through with a victory.

Later on back at the bar, we would talk about the problems the Brewers may encounter soon. Like what to do when Capuano comes back. Do you send Gallardo down or demote Bush or Vargas to the bullpen. What about signing Fielder to a longer term contract? How do you keep an infield of Hardy, Weeks, Braun and Fielder together when the payday comes? Can we dump someone from the outfield to get rid of that logjam so Gwynn can play?

Whenever this conversation comes up I usually say the same thing again and again. It feels so good to have these "problems". Arguing about having too many good young players is fantastic. Trying to figure out how to keep the promising rookie in the big leagues is a topic that hasn't come up for the Brewers is such a long time. I think all we can do is enjoy the moment. This team could be good for the next couple of years and I am going to love every inning.

All of that talk made it a tad hard to get up this morning and go to work. If I could, I would skip out early and head back to the ballpark. Instead I get the fun of dealing with a pissy co-worker. Such is life. You take the good with the bad.

There is an interesting article in the paper this morning about booing Barry Bonds. I like to respond to this guy and his comment:
But, given a chance to grab a Bonds home run, Faris said he would take it and
then auction the ball. With a knowing smile, he said, "EBay. I'm not stupid."

Um, yes you are stupid. Only a dork would settle for money on eBay. There is a lot more money by going with a real auction house. It is the little things that set me off.

Like the discount you can get to see Panic at the Disco at Summerfest. It shouldn't come as a shock to most people that this show was not selling well. I fully expect the Amphitheater to be wide open on that night. You will be able to walk in and all around the venue while the bands are playing, no ticket necessary. Which is something you may want to do because the biggest beers on the grounds are sold in the Amphitheater.

The good tickets that had been available for Def Leppard have disappeared. I may take a look on eBay but don't like the length of the auctions. Most of them would get the tickets to you the day before the show. If someone screws up, you may not get them. Or you could spend some money just get seats that are way on the side with a good view of the amp stacks on stage. I figure something out over the next week.

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