Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flush them all

It was a late one last night, playing poker and drinking whisky. Made a good run but didn't make the money. Thus I am on the groggy side this morning. At least until I get my coffee fix.

There seems to be a lot of turds in the news. Like this idiot that worked at Target. Gave away over $3500 in merchandise to any broad that got his pants tight. I guess the Blonde would do well in his checkout line. Do some jumping jacks and probably walk out with cash back. He says he was just "trying to help people". Instead, he will spend some time in the clink and rightly so. I wish I could find the police report on this case. They read it on the radio this morning and it was amazing. One person walked out of the store with $1200 in merchandise and paid for about $200 of it. A $1000 discount. How the hell does someone spend a thousand bucks in a Target???

The turd says he will try to get some of the stuff back, which indicates he was giving the stuff away to his friends or at least some hoochies he thought he could get some play off of. I say you sue him and his family. Hit the guy hard so no other moron tries the same thing. I also say you go after the people that got the discounts. You most likely have a credit card number on file. No way someone walks out with hundreds of dollars in discounts and doesn't realize what just happened. They are accomplices and should be treated as such. Let's flush these turds down the toilet as they ensure higher prices for the rest of us.

My favorite turd may be seeking re-election soon- from his jail cell! Yep, Michael McGee's trial may last until next spring which just so happens to be when his term is up. This stubborn bastard will definitely run for the spot and most likely, get re-elected. I still like the facts on the case. His defense team will not unseal the charges to let everyone know what he is charged with. He wastes away in jail because of this and the fact that only $7700 has been raised towards his $100k bail. I smell his lawsuit coming on if this case falls apart and he is proven innocent.

I also anticipate the phone call to help with the translation of street slang. That is the basis for his defense, that the prosecutors do not understand street talk. But knowing they have no money means they cannot pay my price so I feel better about that.

Let's move on to the good people. The Brewers swept the Giants this week. Sure the Giants suck but a sweep is a sweep. Good teams must beat the bad teams, something the Brewers never did in the past. They should be able to keep it going this weekend when the Royals come to town.

I will be out in the great wilderness this weekend. Looking forward to getting away and drinking all day. Except this time around, I intend to walk around the campsite and check out the place. I figure I can do that somewhere around the 4th or 5th beer, or noon, whichever comes first. Exercise should mean more than taking a walk to the pissers.

Ok, done ranting. Should do some work I guess.

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