Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Restless Kind

It was another restless night of sleep. I have given up on a good night of sleep on Sundays. I think my body is either going through alcohol withdrawal or the dread of waking up early for work is taking over my subconcious. Either way, I know Sunday nights are not going to be a good sleeping night.

That usually means I sleep like a baby on Mondays. This didn't happen last night. I found myself waking up sporadically through the night. Is asking for one good night of sleep too much?

I have just today. Then it is all sleep deprivation.

Maybe that is what my body is doing. It know the assault that is about to occur and is in preparation mode. It is not uncommon to go walking out of a casino and wonder when it got all light outside. Or when you notice someone go walking by dressed in clean clothes and think "hey, you just walked by here an hour or two ago" when it was actually 8 hours and they slept, showered, and were on the way to breakfast while you barely moved 10 steps from the Sake bar.

Though the same gang won't be in Vegas this time around, I am still looking forward to it. Vegas has always been my perfect escape. Whether I am with people or by myself, I find it recharges my batteries. Mainly by draining them. By the time I get back to work, I feel good and ready to go.

My plan this time around is not to really have a plan, but a list of things I would mind doing. I would like to catch Metal Skool on Thursday at the Hard Rock before boozing it up with some friends. I would like to play one of the daily poker tournaments around town. I will get drunk off my ass playing Pai Gow. And just go with the flow and do whatever the hell it feels like I want to do.

There will be plenty of booze consumed. It could be whisky, gin, rum, beer, or whatever may sound right at the time. After all, I am a pro, though Al doubts my status. Plenty of drinking and poker will take care of that this week.

One thing I do know, sleep won't be a concern.

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