Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why bother?

I really don't know why I am at work today. I checked out mentally at 2:06 yesterday. I am just a body going through the motions right now. Morning stuff is basically done. I have a project on my calendar that I don't necessarily need to do today. I have some afternoon items to take care of. Beyond that, I am going to sit back and plan out my weekend.

I have one thing that is buzzing around my mind. I have mentioned my intention to catch Metal Skool at the Hard Rock tomorrow night. I assumed they were playing the Joint inside the HR, but there is a report that they are playing inside one of the HR clubs instead. A club that has a dress code. Hey, when I go out to rock, I am a jeans and t-shirt guy. I intend to wear a Drinking for Jesus shirt that night and really do not want to change. I ain't some pretty boy that spends an hour getting ready.

So I am wondering if they are playing the Joint or the Body English club. A past show was in the club, but if I check out tickets online, it shows they are playing the Joint. Hopefully I am just in the need of a drink and am overthinking the situation.

I think it has to do with me trying to get through the workday. Having checked out already, I am already thinking ahead. Once I am free, I am heading out to the bank to get the gambling funds. I always take more than I need (it gives me a comfort zone) just in case. From there I will make a quick stop to pay off the dentist bill. Then on home where I don't know for sure if I will cram in one last workout. It may make sense to work off some waiting-around-doing-nothing-after-packing-the-last-of-my-shit energy, but I may prefer to just down a couple of beers instead.

I did something different this time around by taking a night flight. Usually I would be taking an early morning or an afternoon flight. I then spend a day waiting around watching the clock. This time I figured I might as well get out of Dodge and go have some fun.

Too bad Blogger doesn't allow for audio posts anymore or I would entertain you with some drunken rambling.

So until next Tuesday (unless I somehow get a hold of a pc), rock on with your bad selfs!

Take it away Dean-O!

Drink to me only....that's all I ask.
And I will drink to you.
I don't care if the sun don't shine.
I do my drinking in the evening time.
When I'm in Las Vegas.
You can sit in the sun and camp.
I get my color from a sun ray lamp.
When I'm in Las Vegas.
I love the laughs, I love the life, there's fun of every kind.
Next time I come I'll bring my wife, I'll do that if I lose my mind.
A wife in Vegas take my advice,It's like going to China with a sack of rice.
But I love Las Vegas.
I love Vegas in the summer.
mmmmmm I love Vegas in the fall.
I love Vegas, when I say that it's a gasser.
I love Vegas like it's Egypt and I'm Nasser
I, I love Vegas every moment,It's my favorite atmosphere
Oh I, I love Vegas, Why oh why do I love Vegas?
Because my money's here.
I love Vegas when I'm winning,
mmmmmm I love it when I lose.
I love Vegas, like the army loves it's manuals.
I love Vegas, like Sinatra loves Jack Daniels.
I, I love Vegas every moment.
For Mr. Entratter I must cheer.
Oh I, I love Vegas,Ich liebe do I love Vegas.
Because my blood is here.
I love Vegas when I'm loaded,I love it when I am not.
I love Vegas, just like Kruschev loves being indignant,
More than even my wife Jeannie loves being pregnant.
I, I love Vegas every moment,
When I leave I shed a tear.
Oh I, I love Vegas,Jesus Christ do I love Vegas.
I'll make it, make it good and clear,
It's girl's right here.

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