Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vegas- all the other days

Ok, so no one is interested in strippers and such. Guess I shall pack in the last couple of days all in one because I don't recall everything (is that what makes a good trip good?) and I don't feel like rehashing a bunch of stuff.

When we last left our intrepid hero....he was off to the Spearmint Rhino to see some boobies.

Strips clubs are good places. I like them. I just don't frequent them a lot and I have no problem with people who do; it just isn't my regular routine. But when given the offer to go, I most likely will go look at all kinds of boobies.

I must say the Rhino disappointed me a bit. Whenever I go to a strip club, I compare them to the ones in Tampa. Down in Tampa, the girls are extremely aggressive. Nothing shy about them. You can't walk 5 steps in the door without one of them walking right up to you and grabbing your package, asking you if you would like a dance and trying to pull you, by your schlong to the back. To me, that is the standard. I expect the girls to show they want the money so we can begin the game.

Oh yes, it is a game. You cannot just get hard and chase down the first girl that comes by. You need a little banter, need to be coy, and then make her earn it. Problem with the Rhino was that no girls wanted to earn it. We walked in, stood in a couple of places and the girls seem to walk on by, uninterested. We changed places a couple of times to test the waters with the fishing being bad. Finally, we headed to the back bar and got some results. Hey, I wasn't about to go approach them. It is their duty to attack me. I am stubborn like that in a club.

I ended up with a naughty little minx. Nice ass and fake tits. Touchy feely sort that I like. Said she wanted to be naughty and thank the Lord she was. I would go into detail but I know no one wants to read that.

Once we left the club, we headed back to the Rio. On the way, the cab driver mentioned he knew of a new rub and tug place if we were interested. Do you like happy ending??? No, we didn't take him up on it.

Later that Friday, I would head on downtown to play a tournament. The tournament went poorly and after a couple hours I was out. So I had to kill some time while my other friends played on. I went across the street to the Golden Nugget to goof off with the slot machines. I am so glad I did. I started playing a Game of Life machine. This damn thing just wouldn't give me the bonus round. But I didn't get pissed- like the guy one machine over did!

This guy was a real beaut! He kept cussing at the machine. Pay off you fucker! Your takin' money away from my babies! You want to kill my babies?!?! I especially liked his comment when he hit the bonus. The machines announces "it is time to play the game of Life!". His response was fantastic. No, it is time to fuck your mother!!!

I admit I played on the machine longer that I cared just because of the guy getting pissed off. He kept on feeding money in and got madder each time. I should have pulled out the camera phone and taped him.

Once I got bored with the slots, I headed back to Binions to play some blackjack. When that sucked ass (even though the dealer Robert from Texas, an old man that had some great stories about drinking and was a hoot) I stepped a table over and tried my hand at 3 Card Poker.

It was good there. James the dealer was a talker and I like that. Dealers needs to entertain me as I play. I don't care if I lose if the dealers are sociable. I wasn't doing too well until I was dealt 3 kings. Cha Ching! From there, my luck turned and I cashed out with a nice profit.

It was then back to the MGM for more poker and another cast of characters. Maybe I can get to that later. Have to work now.

In the meantime, the latest issue of Truckin' is up. Go check it out or I may drop the Vegas stories about how I got drunk playing Pai Gow on Sunday.

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