Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Breakfast with the vampires

It was blood day today. Breakfast with the vampires. This time around it wasn't that bad. The girl got the needle stuck in the vein quickly and efficiently. Best of all, very little pain because they didn't have to dig around in there looking for the source.

As I sat there gripping the spongy thingy, I listened to the reports of Lindsay Lohan getting busted for DUI once again. My general reaction to any "star" getting busted is "So What?" I really could care less if this dumb chick gets plastered, snorts a pile of coke, and busts up her BMW. As long as no one besides her gets hurt that is. If she wants to do this stuff, let her. I feel no sympathy.

Of course the kicker to this story is that she just got out of rehab. I am sure the rehab center cost a pretty dime. What she should do is turn around and sue the center. I am not for silly lawsuits like this but this may be the worst rehab center in the world. Has she been out a week or two? Didn't take her long to hit the sauce and get some blow. I wonder if she made out with any chicks before leaving the club?

Have to keep this one short. The vampires have set me back an hour.

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