Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good drug

I overheard an interesting commercial tonight. It was for a drug called Mirapex and how it can treat "Restless Leg Syndrome". I paid attention to the commercial to make sure I heard that correctly. Restless Leg Syndrome. Interesting. Apparently for some people, there legs don't want to stop. They want to keep moving or something. In fact, that was one of the symptoms, the urge to move. Along with Lightning Legs, Pins and Needles and the dreaded Creepy Crawlies. Creepy Crawlies? Who was the lead doctor on this study, Doogie Howser?

But the commercial would get better. I had to hear what the side effects would be. I love hearing the side effects in the drug commercials. One pill may give you a boner that last for hours- in which case we are told you should see you doctor if only your lover will let you- while one may give you anal seepage. I root for anal seepage to be a side effect. A drug could be the cure for cancer but you would have to live with anal seepage the rest of your life. Tough choice there.

For this drug, the side effects were drowsiness when doing normal activities like driving. Or you may feel faint or dizzy while standing up. And nausea.

That's it??? WTF??? That ain't nothing.

Oh wait, there's more. Get this. The drug could make you "feel increased gambling or sexual urges". Wha-wha-wha-WHAT?!?!?!?! A side effect to is go hit the local casino, make some money and get a hooker??? Now that is the result of modern medicine baby!

Apparently this drug was used for Parkinson's Disease as well. And a cottage industry has sprouted up with lawyers suing the drug company because of people losing money with the increased urge to gamble.

Sigh. Some people just want anal seepage instead.

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