Saturday, July 07, 2007

One to go

Conversation overheard on the bus on the way back from Summerfest as guy was talking on his cell phone:

"What? Do you know how embarassing that is? You don't want to do anything with me. You rather go dancing downtown. I have to go to Summerfest with two other couples because you rather do something without me...yeah..yeah..yeah, sure embarass me....uh huh, are selfish, you don't care what I want.




I couldn't help but think that chick should have hung up on this jerkweed as soon as he started laying the blame game. I thought it was going to get better when he called her back and claimed he "accidentally hung up" on her. I suppressed a chuckle thinking this guy was that dumb and desparate to ignore the fact he got hung up on.

Listening to that conversation was much better than the people who insisted on singing crap songs, making this a karoake bus trip from Hell. Please, I don't need to hear a bunch of drunk clowns trying to sing You've Lost that Loving Feeling again and again. It was bad enough we had to wait 45 minutes for the bus to come and depart, hearing crapaoke was not going to make it any better.

We got lucky when we got down to Summerfest. I didn't realize the shuttle started at 3, not 2 and it looked like we were going to miss the first hour of Bobby Friss's set. Apparently there was some confusion on the scheduling and he began at 4 instead. Good music karma? The show was as good as it gets. I will be going down to see it again today. Hopefully he will switch it up a bit and play longer.

I may leave halfway through the set to go catch Sonic Circus. Not sure yet as I want to see if Johnny 3 Note has gotten any better. They are pretty good. Hoping they ditch the stupid hat switches and drop Tom Petty. That may be asking too much though. Somehow I have made it through Summerfest without hearing a single band play American Girl. If I can get through today without hearing that song, it will be a miracle.

I did make a music mistake yesterday. We were watching HELLYEAH! at the rock stage, enjoying the show when I decided I wanted to catch part of Chevelle. Knowing there was little chance HELLYEAH! would play some Pantera (though they did a cover of Queen's Stone Cold Crazy which sounded just like Metallica- go figure), it seemed like a good idea to see Chevelle. Not a good idea. The Leinie's stage was packed and they were basically wrapping up the show. I did hear Send the Pain below, which was nice, but was highly disappointed I left a rocking show to catch 3 songs. Big mistake.

It did seem funny though. Two bands with a somewhat similiar sound right by each other had two distinctly different crowds. The fans were younger at Chevelle and just standing around on the picnic tables, listening to the music. At HELLYEAH!, people were up on the bleachers, head banging and shaking fists. It made the fans at the Chevelle show look like they hadn't gotten their rock training wheels off yet and didn't know quite what to do.

Today may be my final trip to Summerfest for the year. It hasn't been the best but it hasn't been the worst either. Time to go out with a bang.

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