Monday, July 09, 2007

It's the pants

Going back to work after a vacation is usually a drag. As I parked my car, it really hit me how easy- and nice- it was to be away from work. Now that I was back to the grind, I began to wonder which part I hated most about going back to work.

It wasn't waking up early. My cat was nice enough to wake me up after a typical fitful Sunday night of sleep. The heat had dissipated through the night and a nice cool breeze was coming through. I had felt sorry for the cat the day before as he looked crabby from the heat so I got up to make sure he had fresh water and food instead of treating him like the snooze button on the clock.

It wasn't going to be the pile of emails I would need to sort through, nor the co-worker who would keep interrupting me with questions about what I did during my time away. Telling tales about drinking and listening to music get boring quick. Plus, I just wanted to get the old stuff out of the way and get up to date as soon as possible.

The worst part wasn't going to be my boss calling me after I was there for only 15 minutes asking that I drop everything to make sure some documents were ready for an important meeting. Nor was it the argument with her about the best way to present the needed information. Hey, I work with the software on a daily basis and just so happen to know the best way to retrieve the info. Give me some credit here.

Feeling sick was the worst part either. I felt it coming on Saturday but still went out. I could feel it in my throat yesterday and in the sinuses this morning. The weirdest part was the roof of my mouth feeling tender. At least I was getting sick at the end of my vacation instead of the beginning. I popped some Tylenol and felt better. It is a rarity that I take any meds, even aspirin. I rather let my body duke it out with whatever sickness may be in me. It is my belief that is why it is rare that I get sick.

Traffic wasn't going to be the worst part of going back to work. It seemed kinda heavier than normal with the same number of idiots clogging up the left lanes. Patience got me through.

It wasn't even the thought of not laying around, doing some housework during the day and drinking like a fish at night.

No, none of that mattered. The worst part of going back to work was having to wear pants again. It bothered me a bit when I put them on and it bothered me as I walked in from the parking lot. Getting up, putting on some short and relaxing was so liberating. Especially with the warm air, you forget what a drag it is having clothes covering up your body.

I wish I could ditch the pants right now. It would be nice but I can't. Instead I will have to go 8 work days until I can be free again. Hopefully it won't be as bad next time.

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