Saturday, July 28, 2007

DfJ tonight

I walked into the bar with 5 drink tickets. 3 would cover bottles of beer, 2 for Maker's Mark and ginger. Somehow I walked out with 7 tickets. They procreated right in front of my eyes.

Lots of people were out last night. I am not sure that made the beer taste even better or not, but it sure lent a hand. I knew I would have a good drinking night when I ended up taking some long draws off the bottle. The long draws are a great indication of a good drinking night. It is those drinks that show you enjoy the taste of the beer as the refreshment rushes over your body as you greedily drink it down. Just thinking about those makes me want a beer.

I will be Drinking for Jesus tonight. I believe at St. Johns. Looks like a Journey cover band name Infinity is playing. Never seen them before but if John says they might be good, it is worth a shot. They seem to do more than Journey so it could end up being a good night. Heck as long as the beer is cold and plenty, I am sure I will have a good time.

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