Monday, July 02, 2007

So far, so good

I was too lazy to do much yesterday. The couch was pretty comfortable and it allowed me to just lay around like a bum for the afternoon.

It also allowed me to ignore the ringing in my ears from Friday night. Def Leppard put on a good show (as expected), even playing some songs I didn't expect like Mirror Mirror off of the High n Dry album or Excitable off of Hysteria. I like it when bands play something that is not played on the radio. It goes off to the delight of fans and confuses the hell out of the people that came to hear Love Bites because that is all they know.

The downside of the Leppard was the one song encore. WTF?!?!?! Nothing off of Slang or Euphoria was played. Nothing off of Adrenalize. They could have played a couple other tunes before calling it a night. Though they sounded great, it always leaves you with a feeling of being shorted when a band could have gone on another 10 to 15 minutes.

I did like the acoustic move on Bringin' on the Heartbreak to electric for Switch 625. Reminded me of Night Ranger doing the same thing with Goodbye. Kick a ballad off with the acoustic guitars and slam into electric at the end is always a hit in my book.

On Saturday I was back on the south end of the park watching Slaughter. Though the band tried, they just weren't very good. The sound was off to begin with as you couldn't really hear the vocals. It was halfway through the opening number when I realized what song it was suppose to be. Still couldn't hear the words by the end. It seemed garbled. Or is that just how Slaughter performs nowadays? Plus, the area was pretty dead. Maybe a couple hundred people around. Guess everyone else was trying to see the Goo Goo Dolls.

Before Slaughter was the one unknown band I wanted to see, Bang Camaro. I laughed, I cried, and I rocked out. Hard to explain these boys. It was like going to an Iron Maiden concert, where they took the front row and put them on stage. Picture a couple guitars out front with 17 guys behind them, with fists pumping in the air, heads banging, air guitar a'playing and you have Bang Camaro. They had the energy and chops to put on a good show. I would definitely catch them again and just may do so tonight as they are playing before Jackyl.

I did perform a random act of beer on Saturday as well. The Britins, a Beatles cover band, were playing on the Classic Rock stage when I noticed the older lady was enjoying the show and was out of beer. So I got her a bottle and made her day. I tell you people, random acts of beer make the world a much better place.

Speaking of beer, here is a quick update on where to go. Stay away from the southern most tent on the Briggs Backyard. It is probably the first beer tent you will run into from the south entrance. Short pours each time. Not good. I would suggest trying the beer stand by Major Goolsbys. Also, as usual, the tents at the Miller Stage were on the short end as well. You would think for $4 a beer, they would at least get it to the pouring line as instructed. But no, it is a problem when trying to crank out the suds. The alternative is to drink the 16 ounce bottles for a buck more.

Couldn't help but notice that Sprecher was gone. I wanted a nice Amber and couldn't find them at the Potowatami stage. I just about cried when I saw that. Maybe then are somewhere else on the grounds.

Guess I should do some work today. Going to be a short work week. Just what I need.

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