Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday over beers

I woke up Sunday morning thinking "Hooters would be nice." Since I was alone, I knew I would have to settle for the restaurant. I was a bit sluggish, tired from the Frolics. I had to piece some parts together. Like drinking someones Captain and Coke after declaring it as a taste test to ensure it was strong enough. Anyways, I got on the phone with my wookie nookie friend and got him to meet me at Hooters.

Once I had a couple of beers at Hooters, I felt much better. The wings and beer made the Brewers game much more manageable. What is happening with our team? They have been struggling to get runs across lately. To say it is frustrating would be an understatement. Something needs to kick in. At least the crowds are still around. Two sellouts this weekend. Not bad.

After the game ended, we finished our beer but not before getting our waitress to pull out the pogo stick and do some hopping for us. Though not quite stacked as some of the other girls, she was still a hot little number and began to bounce around for us. Until she tried to jump without holding the pogo stick. The pogo flew out from underneath and she landed right on her ass! Too funny! She was hurt, except maybe for her pride, and was a good sport.

Just as the beer was gone, I figured it was time to go to another bar. I had my second wind going strong. We were about to head out to the normal haunts when I thought of a new place to check out, the City Lounge. I didn't know exactly where it was but knew I would be able to find it. Word was they had like 60 beers available and I was looking for something new to drink.

The bar itself is interesting. All kinds of old signs hanging around. Stop lights, cross lights. A bubbler. Yep, there is a bubbler in the middle of the room. But it doesn't work. Kinda like the paper box strapped to a pole in the back. One thing I did think about the City Lounge is that it would be a nice place to head to after work.

Can't say I was that impressed with the beer selection. They featured a house beer from brewer 3 Dachshunds. I had a couple of them including the Ankle Biter Ale and the Howling Hounds Honey Wheat. Not bad. I would drink them again. Also had the Floyds' Alpha King Ale. Not bad.

After we left there, my buddy headed home. I was tempted to check out the bar across the street but decided a 6 pack from the liquor store would be better.

Entourage hit on all cylinders last night. Great episode with some great lines. I will have to watch it again.

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