Thursday, August 02, 2007

Booze questions

Once I got my errands finished yesterday, I sat down and made myself a refreshing Makers and ginger. With the heat of the summer sun setting, it was exactly what I needed to cool down and relax.

I caught a tidbit on the news about a bar in downtown Milwaukee forgetting to renew their liquor license. It is a chain so it doesn't matter too much, though they do have a nice beer selection. How does one forget to renew the license? Some chump must have kept receiving the notice in the mail, set it aside each time thinking "I'll get this up to corporate later". Now they will be closed for at least a month until the city's license committee can meet again to approve it. Looks like employees get the rest of the summer off.

Besides them being beyond stupid, there was a line I heard on the news cracked me up. They mentioned that the place could stay open and serve food, but management said they would lose money doing that. Ok, so management basically said their food sucks (I wasn't impressed by it) and that people need to either wash it down quickly, or be drunk to eat it.

Saw this gem yesterday. Al is not drinking during August. No seriously. He says he has given up the drink for a month. Seeing how he is giving up a liqueur, not real liquor or beer, I don't see how that is a challenge.

Next time I go to Vegas, I may have to look into taking a train. Amtrak is offering a $100 liquor credit on certain overnight trips. That should be enough to get anyone buzzed, even at inflated prices. I found this bit interesting:
Mothers Against Drunk Driving questioned whether $100 in free alcohol was too
"This sounds like a lot of credit toward possible overindulging," said
MADD spokeswoman Misty Moyse.

Hey people, they are on a train. No one that is getting a credit is driving. Unless the engineer used to work at Northwest Airlines. Unless you are going to change the name of the organization to Mothers Against Drunk Walking, you shouldn't care about what people do on the train. They are not driving. Next thing you will do is complain about people drinking in their own homes or backyards.

Furthermore, exactly why did the author find it necessary to get a quote from MADD? Again, they are on a motha uckin train!!!

Man, do I need a drink now.

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